Best Books About Joe Dimaggio

One of the greatest baseball players of all time, Joe DiMaggio was born on November 25, 1914 in Martinez, California. He was signed by the New York Yankees in 1936 and played his entire 13-year career with the team. DiMaggio was a 3-time MVP and a 9-time World Series champion. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955.

If you’re looking for the best books about Joe DiMaggio, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five of the best:

1. Joe DiMaggio: The Hero’s Life by Robert Creamer

This biography of DiMaggio is widely considered to be the best ever written about the Yankee great. Creamer does an excellent job of capturing DiMaggio’s on-field heroics as well as his private struggles.

2. The DiMaggios: Three Brothers, Their Passion for Baseball, Their Pursuit of the American Dream by Tom Clavin

This book tells the story not just of Joe DiMaggio, but of his brothers Vince and Dom as well. It’s a fascinating look at how three talented brothers pursued their shared passion for baseball and the American dream.

3. Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball by R.A. Dickey

In this autobiography, Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey writes about his unlikely journey to the major leagues, and his quest to master the knuckleball, a pitch that has baffled hitters for generations. Along the way, he pays tribute to Joe DiMaggio, who was one of the few hitters who could consistently hit the knuckleball.

4. 56: Joe DiMaggio and the Last Magic Number in Sports by Kostya Kennedy

This book tells the story of Joe DiMaggio’s historic 56-game hitting streak, which is one of the most unbreakable records in sports. Kennedy does a great job of putting the streak into context and showing how it made DiMaggio an American icon.

5. The House That Ruth Built: A New Stadium, the First World Series, and the Redemption of 1923 by Robert Weintraub

This book tells the story of the building of Yankee Stadium and the first World Series played there in 1923. It’s a fascinating look at the early days of the Yankee dynasty and the role that Joe DiMaggio would play in it.

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