Best Books About Maine Coon Cats

There are few things in this world as delightful as a Maine Coon Cat. These big, beautiful cats are adored by many, and it’s no wonder why. If you’re looking for a new book to read about Maine Coon Cats, here are a few of the best.

The Maine Coon Cat Handbook by Gloria Stephens is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about these special cats. Stephens covers everything from history and personality traits to care and nutrition. This is the perfect book for anyone who is thinking about getting a Maine Coon Cat, or for those who already have one and want to learn more about them.

Another great book about Maine Coon Cats is The Maine Coon Cat by T.J. Tranchell. This book covers the history and origin of the Maine Coon Cat, as well as their unique physical characteristics. Tranchell also covers care and nutrition, and includes information on showing and breeding Maine Coon Cats.

If you’re looking for a more general book about cats, The Cat by Peter Gethers is a great choice. Gethers covers everything from the history of cats to their evolution and anatomy. He also includes information on care and nutrition, and discusses the different types of cats, including the Maine Coon Cat.

No matter what type of book you’re looking for, there’s sure to be one on this list that’s perfect for you. So curl up with your Maine Coon Cat and enjoy!

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