Best Books About Pizza for Preschoolers

If your little one loves pizza, then they’ll love these books about pizza too! From pizza history to pizza delivery, these books are sure to please any pizza fan.

The Pizza That We Made by Joan Holub and Phoebe Dunn is a fun and educational book about making pizza. It includes a recipe for making your own pizza dough and toppings.

Pizza Delivery by Elizabeth Rusch is a fun story about two friends who start a pizza delivery business. They learn about teamwork and responsibility while delivering pizzas to their customers.

A Slice of History: The Story of Pizza by Pauline B. Holmes is a fascinating book about the history of pizza. It covers the origins of pizza and how it has evolved over the years.

The Perfect Pizza by Lisa L. Sullivan is a fun book about a group of friends who start a pizza club. They learn about different types of pizza and toppings, and even have a pizza-making contest.

These are just a few of the great books about pizza for preschoolers. So whether your little one is a pizza lover or just loves to read, these books are sure to please.