Best Books About Ramen

Ramen. The one food that seems to be universally loved. Whether you’re eating it out of a Styrofoam cup or sitting down to a bowl at a fancy restaurant, ramen is always a good idea. And what’s even better than a bowl of ramen? A bowl of ramen accompanied by a good book.

If you’re looking for something to read while you enjoy your next bowl of ramen, look no further. Here are the best books about ramen:

1. Ramen Heads by Ivan Orkin and Garrett Oliver

Ramen Heads is a behind-the-scenes look at the world of ramen from Ivan Orkin, one of the most celebrated ramen chefs in the world. In the book, Orkin takes readers on a journey through the history and culture of ramen, from its origins in China to its rise in popularity in Japan. He also shares his own personal story of how he became a ramen chef, as well as his insights on the perfect bowl of ramen.

2. The Ramen Girl by Amy Kimoto-Kahn

The Ramen Girl is the story of a young American woman who finds herself in Tokyo after her boyfriend dumps her. With no money and no place to go, she takes a job at a ramen shop and slowly begins to learn the ropes of making ramen. Along the way, she discovers the beauty of Japanese culture and the power of ramen to heal the heart.

3. I Love Ramen! by Sarah Kwan

I Love Ramen! is a love letter to ramen from Sarah Kwan, a self-proclaimed ramen addict. In the book, Kwan chronicles her love affair with ramen, from her first taste of the soup to her quest to find the perfect bowl. Along the way, she also includes recipes for some of her favorite ramen dishes, as well as tips on how to make your own ramen at home.

4. Ramen Dreams by Jeff Yang

Ramen Dreams is the story of how one man’s obsession with ramen led him on a journey across Japan in search of the perfect bowl of soup. Jeff Yang chronicles his travels and ramen-eating adventures, from the Michelin-starred restaurants of Tokyo to the small family-run shops of Kyoto. Along the way, he discovers the rich history and culture of ramen and learns what it takes to make a truly great bowl of soup.

5. The Ramen King and I by Andy Raskin

The Ramen King and I is the story of how one man’s love for ramen led him to become the king of the ramen world. Andy Raskin chronicles his journey from ramen novice to ramen master, as he eats his way through Japan in search of the perfect bowl of soup. Along the way, he meets some of the most famous ramen chefs in the world and learns the secrets to making a truly great bowl of ramen.

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