Best Books About West Virginia

West Virginia is a state with a rich history and unique culture. There are many books that capture the essence of the state and its people. Here are some of the best books about West Virginia:

“The West Virginia Encyclopedia” – This comprehensive reference book provides an overview of the state’s history, culture, and people.

“The Appalachian Trail: A Hiking History” – This book chronicles the history of the Appalachian Trail, which runs through West Virginia.

“A History of West Virginia” – This book provides a detailed history of the state, from its early days as part of Virginia to its present-day status as a separate state.

“The People of West Virginia” – This book explores the diverse cultures and traditions of the people who live in West Virginia.

“West Virginia: A Guide to the Mountain State” – This official state guidebook provides information on the state’s attractions, history, and culture.

“The Best of West Virginia” – This book features a collection of articles, essays, and photos that showcase the best of what West Virginia has to offer.