Best Books About Whales for Kids

Do your kids love whales? Mine sure do! We’ve read lots of books about whales together and I’ve compiled a list of our favorites. These are the best books about whales for kids, perfect for summer reading.

In The Lonely Whale, a little boy named Ethan feels sad and alone. But when he goes to the aquarium and sees a whale, he realizes that he’s not the only one who feels that way. This is a beautiful story about connection and friendship.

In Water Dance, two humpback whales swim together in the ocean. They leap and dive and twist in the water, dancing gracefully. This is a lovely picture book with gorgeous illustrations.

In Baby Beluga, a little beluga whale is born in the Arctic. He swims and plays with his mother and the other belugas. But when he grows up, he has to leave his family and go out into the world on his own. This is a sweet story about growing up and finding your place in the world.

If your kids are interested in whale facts, they’ll love Whales: The Gentle Giants. This nonfiction book is filled with information about different types of whales, where they live, what they eat, and how they care for their young.

And finally, no list of books about whales would be complete without Moby Dick. This classic novel is about a whale, but it’s also about so much more. It’s a story of obsession, revenge, and the power of nature. It’s perfect for kids who are ready for a longer, more complex book.

Do you have a favorite book about whales? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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