Best Children’s Books About Saying Sorry

It’s inevitable that kids will make mistakes and need to say sorry. Whether it’s forgetting to do a chore, arguing with a friend, or accidentally breaking something, it’s important for kids to learn how to apologize. But, sometimes it’s not always easy for them to know what to say or how to say it. That’s where these books come in.

The Best Children’s Books About Saying Sorry

1. The Magic Words by Margaret McNamara

2. Sorry, Little Cookie by Taro Gomi

3. I’m Sorry by Joanna Cole

4. The Apology Flower by Eileen Spinelli

5. The Forgiveness Flower by Eileen Spinelli

6. I Said I Was Sorry by Sam McBratney

7. Sorry, Saru by Joyce Dunbar

8. The Sorry Book by Todd Parr

9. I Can Be Sorry by David A. Adler

10. Dragons are Sorry Too by Josh Funk

These books are perfect for helping kids learn how to apologize. With engaging stories and characters, they’ll be able to see the importance of saying sorry and how good it can make them feel.

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