Best Picture Books About Electricity

There are so many great picture books about electricity! It was hard to narrow it down, but here are some of our favorites.

In “Lightning Bug” by Carol Moore, a little girl named Emily learns about the science of electricity when she tries to catch a lightning bug.

“The Zapping of Zitnik” by Mark Weakland is a funny book about a boy who gets zapped by electricity and turns into a zitnik (a creature made of zits).

“Captain Zap and the Power Pirates” by Barbara Cooper is a great book for kids who love adventure stories. In this book, Captain Zap and his crew battle the power pirates who are stealing electricity from the city.

“Abe Lincoln’s Dream” by Lane Smith is a beautiful and inspiring book about Abraham Lincoln and his love of learning. In this book, Abe dreams that he meets Benjamin Franklin and learns about electricity.

“The Berenstain Bears Learn About Electricity” by Stan and Jan Berenstain is a classic book that teaches kids about electricity in a fun and easy to understand way.

These are just a few of the great picture books about electricity. If you’re looking for more, be sure to check out your local library or bookstore.

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